​Reporting at St. Joseph's is designed to give the students and parents an indication of each child's progress at school. We believe that reporting needs to be meaningful, comprehensive and accurate. Reporting may take on many different forms. At the start of each year we invite all parents to meet with class teachers. This meeting is intended to share classroom information and practices.

Through the year there are two formal times set aside for parent teacher meetings. These are at the end of Term One (Semester One) and again at the end of Semester Two. Parents will receive a written End of Semester Report at the end of each semester.  This report provides an indication of how your child is living out our School Motto, as well as providing an indication of how your child is performing in relation to Learning Areas.  A Student Portfolio also accompanies each End of Semester Report. While these two formal meeting times are set down at the end of each semester we encourage parents to be in regular contact with teachers throughout the year to ensure we work together to best meet your child's needs.