Vision for Learning

From the onset of formal schooling in Australia up until the mid 1950’s, most schools were similar in nature and change was infrequent.  Since then a desire to have a coordinated approach in all states has lead to the system of schooling we have today.
In the 1970’s society was looking for more skills in their workers.  Students were encouraged to complete their studies in year 12 rather than leave early and changes to the curriculum were needed. One of the biggest changes in Australia was the introduction of an ‘outcomes’ approach that governed curriculum in each state.  This was driven essentially to provide skills for all children in schools.  It is designed to encouraged an attitude that is life long, where learning does not finish when schooling does.
As in life, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and our curriculum changed to accommodate more for the individual. Our challenge at St Joseph’s is to provide a curriculum that accommodates for every child no matter what stage they are at.  To provide a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate, that encourages each child to fulfill their potential. It is based on the belief that every child has the ability to learn.
At St Joseph’s our mission is for learners to develop a ‘Yearning for Learning.’  To do this we use a connected curriculum approach focusing on the learner and their needs and development.
St Joseph’s has embraced The Learning Framework produced by Brisbane Catholic Education that has overarching goal to empower learners, of all ages to shape and enrich our changing world, by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
By the time learners will leave school, students will have the ability to use these life long learning roles to continue their learning journey.  They are used in partnership with the Queensland Syllabus documents.  These roles take the form of the Roles for Lifelong Learning which are described in the framework as:
Community Contributor, Quality Producer,  Leader & Collaborator, Designer & Creator,
Effective Communicator, Active Investigator, Reflective Self-directed Learner.
St Joseph’s has embraced this Learning Framework as the beginning point for planning, for learning at all levels across the school.  We plan from the Roles for Lifelong Learning, consistently, explicitly and creatively for every learner.