Vuly Trampoline Donation

​​​​​​We were recently gifted a Vuly trampoline​ as a prize for our fete raffle. The purpose of the fete was to raise funds for our school and know that this generous donation will give us more opportunity to create a better learning environment for all our students. Congratulations to the Rogers family for winning this wonderful trampoline.​ 

A few tips for staying safe on the trampoline:

Make sure your trampoline has safety padding
The trampolines from Vuly are fantastic in that they have padding around the entire edge of the trampoline. You won’t find any holes or spots where little fingers or hands can slip through and risk being injured. After all, one of the biggest concerns we have as parents when we see our kids playing on the trampoline is that they will get injured. And because trampolines are so much fun to play on, it doesn’t make sense to stop kids from playing on the trampoline; just make it safer.
Ensure your trampoline is enclosed
Another potential hazard comes from overly enthusiastic bounding which can lead to someone bounding right off the trampoline and onto the yard or into a bush or tree! Don’t risk this happening - make sure your trampoline has safety netting around the entire outside. And yes, the trampolines from Vuly​ all come with safety netting around the outside as standard.
Keep it on a level surface
Part of your assembly needs to ensure that your trampoline is being erected on a safe and level surface. If there’s even a small slope on your yard, it can be quite dangerous in terms of the trampoline flipping up. Make sure you always have your trampoline on a level surface.
Not too many on the trampoline at once
It can be tempting for everyone to want to have a go at once, but it’s important that you keep the numbers on the trampoline to two kids at once, and maybe three kids if you have small children who don’t make much of a bounce! With bigger kids they will be able to bounce each other up and might cause an injury if one is coming down while the other is coming up!
Supervise your kids
Above all the most effective way to avoid any injuries on the trampoline is to ensure that you are out there supervising your kids when they are playing on the trampoline. This way too many kids won’t be playing on it at once when you are watching on. Who knows, you might even jump on there with your child and have a bounce yourself!​​