​​​​​Tuckshop (Every 2nd Friday): 

Please use a plain white or brown paper bag.  Please bring orders to the tuckshop as early as possible.
Ice blocks may be ordered on bags, however children will need to bring the bag with them to collect the ice block from the tuckshop. 
Please supply separate bags for hot and cold items.  On each bag it is important to write the student's name, class, order and price.
Please note that the tuckshop will only be open for first break.  If items are required for second break please provide an additional bag and choose items from the snack section only​.  These orders will be given out with first break and be kept in the class fridge.
Subway (alternate Wednesdays to tuckshop):

Please copy Subway order with your child’s name and class onto an envelope and enclose money.
Please ensure that your child’s Subway order is handed in to the office on the Monday prior. 
This is necessary​ as Subway requires two days notice.