Parent Engagement

Parent Engagement is an integral part of St Joseph's School and provides an opportunity for parents to become involved in their child's learning in a variety of ways.  Our SMURFS (Social Meetings Upholding Relationships between Families and School) are an informal group made up of three sub-groups called Smurfs CARE, Smurfs EDUCATION AND Smurfs SOCIALITES.  These groups meet once or twice a year in a formal way, and then as the needs arise to plan and coordinate various activities.

The purpose of the Smurfs CARE group is to establish opportunities where we can provide assistance and support to families within our school community.

The purpose of the Smurfs EDUCATION group is to facilitate opportunities for parents to engage and support their children in their lifelong learning journey.

The purpose of the Smurfs SOCIALITES is to bring families together in a friendly social environment which may or may not include fundraising events.